Romain Grosjean, LotusRomain Grosjean will return to Formula 1 a stronger driver after his one-race ban, reckons his team.

The Frenchman was suspended for the Italian Grand Prix for having caused a first corner accident in Belgium that eliminated a number of drivers, including Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

The hard-line approach adopted by the FIA was widely supported by F1 drivers, and Lotus team principal Eric Boullier thinks the lessons learned will be valuable for Grosjean to help him become better.

“We have spoken a lot about it,” Boullier told AUTOSPORT. “And definitely in some way it was best for him.

“He is going to keep the same speed when he comes back, and I think he will stronger.

“He will be even more confident in himself and, having discussed and fixed these issues, he will be better.”

Although Grosjean’s temporary replacement Jerome D’Ambrosio did not score any points in Italy, Boullier thinks the Belgian did a good job.

“I think he was very solid,” he said. “It is a bit frustrating for him because the results do not show it, but if you look at data he built up nicely all weekend.

“He lost KERS early in race and that cost a lot of lap time. In terms of pace he was matching a lot of the front-runners and bearing in mind he did not race for 10 months, he did a very impressive job.”


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