Johan Kristoffersson dominated the second practice session at the Vallelunga round of the International Superstars Series.

The KMS driver proved that Audi’s clean sweep of the first practice session was no fluke by emerging from the pits with five minutes to go and setting a best of 1m40.743s, which at the time was more than a second clear of the field.

A last-lap effort from MTM Audi driver Thomas Schoffler brought the final margin between Kristoffersson and the rest of the field to just under a second, the German banking a 1m41.624 to go second fastest right at the flag.

Tonio Liuzzi was third in the CAAL Racing Mercedes, ahead of Dinamic BMW’s Thomas Biagi, who spent almost 15 minutes sitting at the top of the sheets before a late flurry dropped him to fourth.

Francesco Sini (Solaris Chevrolet) and Camilo Zurcher (Romeo Ferraris Mercedes) were both late improvers to finish the session fifth and sixth respectively, while series debutant Giancarlo Fisichella was seventh in the Swiss Team Maserati.

Giovanni Berton, another driver debuting in Superstars this weekend, was eighth in his Dinamic BMW, a spot clear of his team-mate Max Mugelli. Behind the BMWs, Domenico Caldarola gave the brand new Roma Racing Mercedes Coupe its first top 10 result.

Gianni Morbidelli, meanwhile, made sure Audi book-ended the field, a broken driveshaft leaving the Audi Sport Italia driver stranded in 20th position. The car is expected to be fixed before Saturday evening’s qualifying session.

Pos  Driver                Team/Car           Time       Gap
1. Johan Kristoffersson KMS Audi 1m40.743s
2. Thomas Schoffler MTM Audi 1m41.601s + 0.858s
3. Tonio Liuzzi CAAL Mercedes 1m41.734s + 0.991s
4. Thomas Biagi Dinamic BMW 1m41.737s + 0.994s
5. Francesco Sini Polaris Chevrolet 1m41.861s + 1.118s
6. Camilo Zurcher Romeo Mercedes 1m41.932s + 1.189s
7. Giancarlo Fisichella Swiss Maserati 1m41.947s + 1.204s
8. Giovanni Berton Dinamic BMW 1m42.271s + 1.528s
9. Max Mugelli Dinamic BMW 1m42.510s + 1.767s
10. Nico Caldarola Roma Mercedes 1m42.854s + 2.111s
11. Mauro Cesari Swiss Maserati 1m42.934s + 2.191s
12. Andrea Larini Romeo Mercedes 1m43.113s + 2.370s
13. Andrea Bacci CAAL Mercedes 1m43.260s + 2.517s
14. Domenico Ferlito Ferlito Jaguar 1m43.340s + 2.597s
15. Max Pigoli Ferlito Jaguar 1m43.769s + 3.026s
16. Paolo Meloni W&D BMW 1m44.235s + 3.492s
17. Francesco Ascani Todi BMW 1m44.316s + 3.573s
18. Gianni Giudici Giudici BMW 1m45.508s + 4.765s
19. Walter Meloni W&D BMW 1m46.381s + 5.638s
20. Gianni Morbidelli Audi Italia 1m56.240s + 15.497s


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