Bianchi says Frijns pushed him outJules Bianchi believes it is “clear” that Robin Frijns knocked him off the track to win the Formula Renault 3.5 championship at Barcelona on Sunday.

The title contenders came together at Turn 4 on lap 21, after Bianchi had passed championship leader Frijns at Turn 1.

Frijns was given a post-race 25-second penalty by the stewards for the incident, but he kept his title as Bianchi had retired on the spot.

“My side of the story is simple,” Bianchi told AUTOSPORT. “He completely pushed me out.

“I don’t know exactly what he did, I think he was too quick into the corner. I couldn’t do anything.

“He has to learn how to lose as well, and not do this sort of thing. At that time I’m sure he was thinking too much that he was going to lose the title so he went for a strange move on me.

“[Kevin] Magnussen was trying a move on him as well, and if he had overtaken him then I would be champion. Robin knew that, so it’s quite simple.”

Bianchi added that rumours of his camp trying to contest the outcome of the championship were wide of the mark.

“We cannot challenge the decision, because they gave him a drive-through [time penalty],” he said.

“Or course we thought about it, but in the end what I wanted was to win the title on the track, and that’s what we were in good shape to do.”

The Ferrari junior said there was no point in the two trying to patch things up now the season is over.

“I didn’t try to speak to him,” he said. “We were with the stewards and Robin said it was a racing incident. He was quite clear about that.

“We have two really different points of view so there is no point to talk about it again. The stewards saw everything, and they took a decision, so there is nothing more to say.”


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