Jonas Folger, Aspar, Valencia Moto3 2012Jonas Folger captured his second grand prix pole with a last-gasp effort in qualifying for the Moto3 season finale at Valencia.

The 19-year-old Aspar rider, who was also on pole at Aragon earlier this year, joined forces with Miguel Oliveira’s Monlau Suter-Honda for a final flying effort as the chequered flag flew.

Both men helped spur the other on, duly capturing first and second respectively at the death.

Their late improvements denied Luis Salom a maiden pole, the 21-year-old having jumped more than three tenths of a second clear with six minutes of the session to run.

Folger and Oliveira also pushed 2012 champion Sandro Cortese down to fourth, the first time since Silverstone in June that the Ajo KTM rider has not started on the front row.

He will line up alongside his once-title rival Maverick Vinales and Efren Vazquez.

Vinales had set the pace for much of the session, threatening to capture his sixth pole of the year and his first since his acrimonious spat with his Avintia team.

He was unable to get out in the crucial final 10 minutes however, and was therefore helpless to respond as he was gradually bumped down to fifth.

Danny Kent, Niccolo Antonelli and Luis Rossi completed the third row, with Rossi just shy of eight tenths slower than Folger.

Pos  Rider                  Team/Bike                Time       Gap
1. Jonas Folger Aspar Kalex-KTM 1m41.263s
2. Miguel Oliveira Monlau Suter-Honda 1m41.316s + 0.053s
3. Luis Salom RW Kalex-KTM 1m41.441s + 0.178s
4. Sandro Cortese Ajo KTM 1m41.506s + 0.243s
5. Maverick Vinales Avintia FTR-Honda 1m41.774s + 0.511s
6. Efren Vazquez Laglisse FTR-Honda 1m41.828s + 0.565s
7. Danny Kent Ajo KTM 1m41.952s + 0.689s
8. Niccolo Antonelli Gresini FTR-Honda 1m42.045s + 0.782s
9. Louis Rossi Germany FTR-Honda 1m42.078s + 0.815s
10. Alessandro Tonucci Italia FMI FTR-Honda 1m42.194s + 0.931s
11. Romano Fenati Italia FMI FTR-Honda 1m42.241s + 0.978s
12. Alex Marquez Ambrogio Suter-Honda 1m42.380s + 1.117s
13. Adrian Martin Laglisse FTR-Honda 1m42.461s + 1.198s
14. Jakub Kornfeil Ongetta FTR-Honda 1m42.476s + 1.213s
15. Brad Binder RW Kalex-KTM 1m42.497s + 1.234s
16. Hector Faubel Laglisse FTR-Honda 1m42.560s + 1.297s
17. Zulfahmi Khairuddin Ajo KTM 1m42.698s + 1.435s
18. Alex Rins Monlau Suter-Honda 1m42.799s + 1.536s
19. Arthur Sissis Ajo KTM 1m42.804s + 1.541s
20. Luca Amato Aspar Kalex-KTM 1m42.974s + 1.711s
21. Juan Francisco Guevar Wild Wolf BST FTR-Honda 1m43.003s + 1.740s
22. Niklas Ajo TT MotionKTM 1m43.011s + 1.748s
23. Isaac Vinales Ongetta FTR-Honda 1m43.175s + 1.912s
24. Alan Techer Technomag-CIP TSR-Honda 1m43.419s + 2.156s
25. Jack Miller Caretta Honda 1m43.430s + 2.167s
26. Philipp Oettl HP Kalex-KTM 1m43.692s + 2.429s
27. Toni Finsterbusch Germany Honda 1m43.722s + 2.459s
28. Giulian Pedone Ambrogio Suter-Honda 1m43.971s + 2.708s
29. John McPhee Caretta KRP Honda 1m44.478s + 3.215s
30. Josep Rodriguez FGR Honda 1m44.502s + 3.239s
31. Armando Pontone Ioda 1m44.693s + 3.430s
32. Luigi Morciano Ioda Italia 1m44.778s + 3.515s
33. Kenta Fujii Technomag-CIP TSR-Honda 1m44.893s + 3.630s
34. Danny Webb Mahindra 1m44.933s + 3.670s
35. Miroslav Popov Mahindra 1m45.082s + 3.819s


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